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Types of resources, development process, impacts and feasibility study for development, planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating, rules and laws in relation with upgrading various resources for tourism, roles of destination management organization, culturally tourism activities developing and monitoring, national tourism development policy

Strategic management in human resource, information systems, resourcing and assessment, performance management, remuneration management, productivity and benchmarking, industrial relations, training and development, organizational behaviour, and welfare management (uniform, insurances, medical treatment, financial aid for employees, etc.)

Evolution, roles and impacts of MICE tourism. Studies of meeting, incentive, convention and event, planning, strategy formulation and evaluations, overview of operational functions of each business, development of MICE business, conference programs and events planning and operating, the implementation of event management systems and procedures, current affairs, problems and solutions, industry trends and growth.

Principle Art, Culture, and Ethics for Bachelor students

Definitions, general theories, tourist demands, motivations, decision- making, perceptions and image, experience, behaviour at destinations, expectation and satisfaction, tourist typologies, demographic, social and cultural, and external determinants in tourist behaviour, and trends. Case studies and survey included.