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Cake and pastries product commodities and characteristics, use appropriate equipment for preparing and bake cakes and pastries, proper techniques to produce cakes and pastries according to standard recipes and enterprise requirement, preparation variety of filling, icing, coating for decoration cake and pastries, maintain maximum eating quality, appearance and freshness of cake and pastries. 

Types of restaurant and kitchen management styles, American, French, and Buffet, an introduction to table-side cooking, equipment, prepare environment for service, personnel organization, and customer relations, front and back of the restaurant and kitchen, receive and store kitchen supplies and food stock, identify and prepare various meats, provide a link between kitchen and service area, provide room service, clean and maintain kitchen equipment and utensils.

Prepare, select, and present of hot and cold salads ingredients in vegetables and fruits, vinegar and oils, meat, poultry and seafood, herbs, spices, and flavoring, prepare garnishes, understand nutrition balance, prepare and present hot and cold appetizers, cleaning, peeling, and cutting of ingredients, portioning and wastage included.

HIR3406 Breakfast and Sandwiches Preparation

Knowledge, practice and present various types of egg menus,  serving as international, sunny-side up, over-easy, scramble egg, poached egg, omelets, French toasts, pancakes and syrups, hot and cold sandwiches, variety of spreads and fillings using standard recipes, used appropriate equipment and utensils, minimize wastage from using products, cut and present sandwiches appropriately, store and label filling, spreads in correct conditions.